On Starlight Glimmer's Characterization

Note - this post is originally a thread tweet on my Twitter, available here.

I had a thought of actually explaining rationally exactly why I have been infatuated with Starlight Glimmer, and she has been a major subject of controversy in the fandom from the reception of her character. I feel the need to articulate my esteemed fondness of her, in a light where I would attempt to consider all sides of the argument to ultimately make up what I, personally, think of her as a character and how she has developed in the series. Needless to say, it’s a positive outcome - and if you don’t like this character, I invite you to read along, or send a tweet at me to discuss about different perspectives in approaching her characterization.

I had a discussion some time ago, and here is her primary merit in my opinion: She is a character always constantly reminded of her past and her failure, who kept making mistakes, but picked her way up from doing something that she did out of anxiety, desperation, and plight. You can definitely cite how her character has been pretty repetitively taunted, and lazily evaluated by allowing her to just make mistakes after mistakes which are avoidable, but isn’t that exactly what makes her so, for lack of a better term, human?

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printf("Hello World!\n");

So, perhaps I now have ultimately set up a blog with Jekyll for no other reason but to channel my tendencies of uncontrolled Twitter rant chains into a more secluded, personally moderated space so that people who don’t really want to see my convuluting (or perhaps downright controversial) opinion pieces on their main pages, so that’s fine.

What you’d expect from this blog is exactly what you’d expect from my Twitter: A discussion on public transport, trams, ponies, aviation, geopolitics, the world of desperately trying to grasp information systems, informatics and computer sciences, as well as small, light pieces of reminders of the world we live in should any situations in the future ever necessitate my rants to take such directives.

Anyway, close your browsers before you are subject to more ranting, folks.

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