Getting to BronyCon 2019 Part 1 - Your Preparations and Finances


As some of you may have noticed in the brony community, the largest, de facto flagship convention of the fandom, entitled BronyCon, has recently announced that it will be closing its doors for the last time next year in 2019. BronyCon, the fandom’s historically largest and most remarkable convention by sheer size, longevity, and its impact towards the paradigm of the fandom itself, has stated that it will not continue in the motivation of parting with the convention at its height. It has also captured the attention of the international community far and wide to join their last sortie together next year.

Now, I’ve been seeing many people are trying to make a pact to join the final BronyCon, but they currently are completely wary or unfamiliar with the required financial and logistical discipline of attending such a convention at a distance from their homes - whether they are situated in North America or beyond. As much as I’d really love to see many, many more people doing the final run and give it a good sendoff, while also seeing the same people being active with any other convention in the world, we must all admit that it is a challenge for most of us to get there. In this blog post, I want to outline my knowledge and experiences in attending such conventions and traveling. The challenge differs for all of us - from international visitors to the domestic US audience, there are so many differences in how one approaches the goal of attending the convention.

This article is intended to give everyone (with higher relevance to the international audience) that I can think of a very frank and direct information on what to prepare and what to expect when you are out there, planning to attend the final BronyCon. This guide even works as a general guide on attending any other convention, or on how you may want to plan your leisurely vacations. Of course, most of the article is informed on the basic assumptions on financial capital considerations, and obviously some people may go and not consider much of the factors that I have written in. It is also not intended to dissuade you nor is it in anyway an endorsement or otherwise of BronyCon and any other conventions - it is a guide, frankly and openly, on what is and what isn’t possible, and how you’d have to weave your way with your financial disciplines to get to the final party. All of the information here is based only on my current, best understanding and should not be taken as absolute facts by itself - do your research as well and see if the things I say match up. This is an article of advice and opinions - they are not necessarily 100% truthful information.

Since this compilation of is going to be very extensive and thorough, I have to separate it into two parts. This part outlines the most important aspects of planning out your attendance, which is the financial and legal requirements of travel, should you need to deal with them. This article will be updated accordingly with new information when I think about it, and where relevant. The second part will be uploaded in the near future to give you information, tips, and what to expect when you are actually traveling.

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On Starlight Glimmer's Characterization

Note - this post is originally a thread tweet on my Twitter, available here.

I had a thought of actually explaining rationally exactly why I have been infatuated with Starlight Glimmer, and she has been a major subject of controversy in the fandom from the reception of her character. I feel the need to articulate my esteemed fondness of her, in a light where I would attempt to consider all sides of the argument to ultimately make up what I, personally, think of her as a character and how she has developed in the series. Needless to say, it’s a positive outcome - and if you don’t like this character, I invite you to read along, or send a tweet at me to discuss about different perspectives in approaching her characterization.

I had a discussion some time ago, and here is her primary merit in my opinion: She is a character always constantly reminded of her past and her failure, who kept making mistakes, but picked her way up from doing something that she did out of anxiety, desperation, and plight. You can definitely cite how her character has been pretty repetitively taunted, and lazily evaluated by allowing her to just make mistakes after mistakes which are avoidable, but isn’t that exactly what makes her so, for lack of a better term, human?

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printf("Hello World!\n");

So, perhaps I now have ultimately set up a blog with Jekyll for no other reason but to channel my tendencies of uncontrolled Twitter rant chains into a more secluded, personally moderated space so that people who don’t really want to see my convuluting (or perhaps downright controversial) opinion pieces on their main pages, so that’s fine.

What you’d expect from this blog is exactly what you’d expect from my Twitter: A discussion on public transport, trams, ponies, aviation, geopolitics, the world of desperately trying to grasp information systems, informatics and computer sciences, as well as small, light pieces of reminders of the world we live in should any situations in the future ever necessitate my rants to take such directives.

Anyway, close your browsers before you are subject to more ranting, folks.

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